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Blender Tutorial

by Dave Jarvis
Last Updated: (none)
Blender Version: 2.42a

Halo Reflection

How to create a reflection of halo particles.


  1. Download the blend file for the Sun's Corona tutorial.
  2. Start Blender.
  3. Press F1 or click File » Open...
  4. Choose tutorial-02.blend.

A Plane and an Empty

  1. Press a to deselect the corona halo particles.

    Deselected corona

  2. Press NUM7 to change the view to the top.
  3. Press Space to get a menu.
  4. Add » Mesh » Plane.
  5. Press s, then x, then 20 to scale the plane along the X axis.
  6. Press s, then y, then 20.
  7. Press NUM1.
  8. Press Tab to go into Object mode.
  9. Click RMB on the halo particles.
  10. Press g, then z, then 1.5, then Enter to move the halo particles up on the Z axis.
  11. Click RMB on the sphere.
  12. Press g, then z, then 1.5, then Enter to move the sphere up on the Z axis.
    Do not move the plane down 1.5, as the plane must remain along the origin.
  13. Press F12 to render:

    Corona with plane

  14. Press ESC.
  15. Press a to deselect the sphere.
  16. Press Space.
  17. Add » Empty.
    Yes, the menu option is actually called "Empty".
  18. Press r, then x, then -90, then Enter to rotate the Z axis towards the camera.
  19. Press g, then x, then 7.481, then Enter.
  20. Press g, then y, then -6.508, then Enter.
  21. Press g, then z, then -5.344, then Enter.
    The Empty must be directly below with the camera. If your camera is not at (7.481, -6.508, 5.344), then position the Empty according the camera's location. Be sure to negate the Z axis.

Environment Map for Plane

  1. Press NUM7.
  2. Press NUM- (which is shorthand for - on the numeric keypad) about 5 times, until the edge of the plane is visible.
  3. Click RMB on the edge of the plane to select it.
  4. Press F5.
  5. Click Add New.
  6. Change Spec and Ref to 0.200:

    Ref and Spec settings

  7. In the Texture panel (to the far right), click Add New.
  8. Click the Map Input tab.
  9. Click Refl.
  10. Click the Map To tab.
  11. Click Cmir.
  12. Press F6.
  13. Change Texture Type to EnvMap.
  14. Change Depth to 5.
  15. Click Plane.
  16. Click the second Don't render layer button.
  17. Change CubeRes to 1000.
  18. Change Ob: to Empty.

    Texture buttons and Envmap tab

    The CubeRes field controls how detailed the reflection will appear.
  19. Click Free Data.
  20. Click Free all EnvMaps.

Move the Plane

Since the Environment Map is calculated from the location of the Empty, the plane must be moved to another layer, lest it block the Empty's view.

  1. Press m, then 2, then Enter to move the plane to Layer 2.
  2. Press SHFT-2 to indicate both layers should be rendered.
  3. Press F12.

    Reflected halo particles

THE END - Download


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