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Blender Tutorial

by Dave Jarvis
Last Updated: (none)
Blender Version: 2.43

Clothes for Makehuman

This tutorial shows how to put clothes on a human character. You must have already installed:


After loading Makehuman, you should see the following:

Makehuman Opening Screen

  1. Click the pose icon .
  2. Click a body joint (left-hand side of the screen).
  3. Click and drag the LMB (either left or right) while hovering over a rotation icon (right-hand side of the screen).
  4. A Lindy Hop pose:

    Leading a Swing-out

  5. Click the Export icon to save the pose to an .obj file.

    Export the Swing-out Pose

  6. Provide a filename (e.g., pose-01.obj), then press Enter.

    Save the Pose

  7. Press ESC to close the window.
    If you want to change the pose with Makehuman later, save it as a Body setting file (as well as exporting it as a Wavefront object for Blender).
  8. Press ESC again to quit Makehuman.

Import into Blender

  1. Press CTRL-X then Enter to create a new model.
  2. Press Del then Enter to remove the box.
  3. Press NUM1 to change the view.
  4. Click File » Import » Wavefront (.obj)...
  5. Find and select the pose file (e.g., pose-01.obj)
  6. Click OK to import the object model.
  7. Press NUM0 then r then x then 90 then Enter to rotate the model.
  8. Unclothed Makehuman model

Zoom and Smooth

  1. Press NUM1.
  2. Press NUM+ several times to zoom in.
  3. Click RMB on the model.
  4. Press F9 for the Edit buttons panels.
  5. Click Set Smooth.

Don Clothes

  1. Press SHIFT-D then Enter to duplicate the model.
  2. Press m then 2 then Enter to move the model to the second layer.
  3. Press 2 to view the second layer.
  4. Press Tab for Edit mode.
  5. Decapitate the model, remove hands and feet at the cuffs, save some of the neck.
    Hint: NUM1, NUM3, and NUM7 will provide various views of the model. Press b for a rectangle that can be dragged to select a collection of vertices. Press b a second time for a circular vertex selection tool. You should be able to quickly lop off the anatomy bits that are not destined to be clothing. Use NUM+ to zoom into the model.

    Preparing for Murder

  6. Press Del then Enter to delete the selected vertices.
  7. Click Add Modifier.

    Add Modifier Button

  8. Click Decimate to add a decimate modifier.
  9. Set Ratio to 0.15.

    Decimate Modifier

  10. Click Apply.

    Decimated Model

  11. Change to Sculpt Mode using the menu shown below.

    Mode Menu

    This step needs version 2.43; if Sculpt Mode is not in the menu, upgrade.
  12. Click Add Multires.
  13. Click the Sculpt tab.
  14. Set Size to 20.
  15. Set Strength to 10.
  16. Click Airbrush.
  17. Click Smooth.

    Choose a Smooth Brush

  18. Click and drag over the chest area to smooth it out.
    If there is a hole in the model's chest, close the hole as follows:
    1. Change to Edit mode.
    2. Click the Multires tab.
    3. Click Apply Multires (Blender will warn you if you need to do this).
    4. Press CTRL-Tab then 2 to change to Edge select mode.
    5. Click SHIFT-LMB to select the edges around the hole.
    6. Press f to create an edge face that will fill the hole.
    7. Optional. Use the pinch tool (and delete duplicate vertices) to mend the gap.
  19. Click the Multires tab.
  20. Click Apply Multires.
  21. Click Object Mode.
  22. Press NUM1 to change the view.
  23. Press SHIFT-1 to view both layers.
  24. Click Sculpt Mode.
  25. Click Add Multires.
  26. Click the Sculpt tab.
  27. Click Inflate.
  28. Change Size to 25 (or so).
  29. Change Strength to 35 (or more).
  30. Click and drag the circle to inflate the clothing as desired.
    Change the colour of the clothing to make it more visible for inflating.
  31. Use NUM1, NUM3, NUM4, and NUM6 to change the view so that the entire clothing is inflated (no skin tones showing through and the pink highlight outlines only clothes).

    Human with Clothes Outline

  32. Press F9,
  33. Click Set Smooth.

    Human in a Jumpsuit

  34. Slice and dice the jumpsuit into a shirt and pants.
  35. Apply materials.
  36. Render.

Thanks to Koba for his mini tutorial on clothing.

THE END - Download

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