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Blender Tutorial

by Dave Jarvis
Last Updated: (none)
Blender Version: 2.43

Plugin: Water Drop

This tutorial shows how to install and use a plugin on a Linux system.


Find a plugin that you would like to use. Websites with plugins:

For the purposes of this tutorial, Water Texture version 0.24 will be used.

Compile Plugin

As a regular user, do the following:

  1. Create a working directory.
    mkdir -p $HOME/src/water
  2. Change into the working directory.
    cd $HOME/src/water
  3. Download the source:
    wget http://www.hdl.co.za/donn/water0.24_source.zip
  4. Extract the archive:
    unzip *
  5. Compile the archive:
    gcc -shared -I/opt/blender/plugins/include -lm water0.24.c -o water.so
    Change /opt/blender/plugins/include to the full path for the include directory where Blender is installed on your system.

Use Plugin

Once you have started Blender, do the following:

  1. Del, Enter
  2. Add » Mesh » Plane
  3. F5
  4. Click Add New.
  5. F6
  6. Click Add New.
  7. Change Texture Type to Plugin.
  8. Click Load Plugin.
  9. Browse to $HOME/src/water.
  10. Choose water.so.
  11. Click SELECT PLUGIN. The Texture buttons window should look similar to:

    Plugin Texture Buttons


  1. Read the HOWTO.
  2. Adjust plugin values.
  3. F12

    Water Drops


Having the droplet simply appear on a flat surface is lame. The following steps make ripples in the surface.

  1. F5
  2. Click the Map To tab.
    The tab may be hidden to the far right; click a little white arrow to reveal it.
  3. Change the settings:

    Map To Tab Settings

    Disable Col
    Enable Nor
    Change Nor: from 0.50 to 1.00

  4. F12

    Water Droplets

THE END - No download available, sorry!

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